Greatest Hits (MC Hammer album)

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I think it’s safe to say that in the 90’s, M.C. Hammer was the man of the rap world, impressing every race and creed–or perhaps those parachute pants hypnotized us all, I’m not sure. Well, since the man was everywhere, it shouldn’t be that big a surprise that he had his own cartoon. What is a surprise is how horrid the intro is considering this is a musical icon we’re talking about. You won’t be seeing this on his greatest hits album.

This couldn’t have been written by Hammer. He may have sung it but he can string a better melody than that. Additionally, while I don’t have a problem with an intro that gives a series’ backstory for newcomers (which at episode one everyone usually is) to get right into the action, but this backstory could put you to sleep.

I don’t have a problem with the idea of MC Hammer as a superhero (his “secret identity, Stanley Burell, is Hammer’s real name), but there were some style choices for this show that never worked with me, but this isn’t a show review and I haven’t watched an episode in years. But I’m having trouble believing the guy up there is the same guy here.


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