OK, storm related stuff over. It’s time for BW to get back to full operation. It’s kind of fitting that I was unable to take part in Smokin’ Joe’s Prize Fight while reviewing the Feet of Fury tournament. Thanks to the storm that did a number on New England, I was out of power most of the week and needed that Friday to start putting things back together.

(By the way, Joe Frasier, the boxer the fight was named for, passed away last week. Odd timing.)

I also missed the end of Feet of Fury, but that was due to a bad reaction to medicine. However, the tournament went on with out me, thus there is a tourney to review, plus I did take part in rounds 7-11. The sad part was I was doing a storyline at the time. But more on that at the end.

The Best of

rounds 7-12

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10 starts off by showing how giving Daredevil is.

Round 11

Round 12

  • Hulk seems to be getting kicked a lot this tournament.
  • When Connor Hawke was awesomer than the current DC brain trust give him credit for. And now he doesn’t exist at all.
  • Batman stepped up his kicking game for the finale.
  • And what would have been My Entry: Man, I had everything prepped. The fight was chosen. For the prize fight promotion I broke from tradition and made a comic in Fred’s style (and it’s not easy working in someone else’s style)  that would have been the finale for the Shockwave storyline. Then I had to wake up covered in hives and my face imploding. So I’ll never know if I could have secured Round 12 or not. Well, actually, I would have given it to Batman up there, but I think that was Mark’s best kick.

Fred never said what he thought about my take on his Spacebooger comic, but the fact I haven’t been sued means he hasn’t seen it. At any rate, that’s the end of Feet of Fury. Now we just sit around waiting to see what the next tournament will be about. See you on Friday!


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