Lucky for people on France there are no turkeys.

In the behind the scenes page I connect this to Alien Nation, although I wasn’t thinking of it at the time.

  • The Clutter Reports: Meet the new addition to the Bumblebee Shelf, courtesy of Transformers: Prime.
  • Reviewers Unknown: The conclusion of the Team Godzilla transfers, where we see what the aliens are going to be up to, and which monsters they’re doing it with.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Godzilla Legends #1


Actually, this was the first tough choice in a while. Kid Flash did a similar attack in Young Justice, but frankly seeing Anguirus finally get some payback for the years of abuse he’s taken makes me happy.

We’re coming up on Christmas again, folks. Starting Thursday Yuletide postings will be sneaking their way in. If you have something you’d like to spotlight let me know and I’ll see if it’s BW worthy. I’m also planning something with my Reviewers Unknown teammates but I haven’t gotten a high turn out on my proposal just yet. I’m also planning another video review of something even I hadn’t heard of so this year instead of Jake & Leon doing a Christmas special I have a four part arc (not really a storyline, ala “Marvel War”) in mind that I hope you’ll like. So if you hate Christmas but like the site you’ve only got a few days reprieve because BW loves Christmas.

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