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Vector Farr is the luckiest kid on this planet. Not only does he have one of the coolest names, but one of the coolest dads. James Farr has put together his greatest Trains-Formers episode yet. And that’s not the only thing this kid has got. Watch as Vector and Thomas the Tank Engine make their next defense of the island of Sodor in Trains-Form3rs

EDIT (11/19/2019): recently back online in a remastered version

This time we get a behind-the-scenes of the vocal recording.

You can get both the soundtrack and the theme song for this as well, and don’t forget their website so you can find more from everyone involved. Oh, and if your not jealous of this kid yet, you will after you see his PORTAL-THEMED BED & BATHROOM! GlaDOS would approve.

Speaking of Portal, wait until you see what we’ve got tomorrow.

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