And so it begins...

Since I’m doing a special video review this year, Jake & Leon won’t be doing a Christmas special. Instead, we’re doing a set of Christmas related strips. And since Fizzbin has already been exposed to Christmas, it’s time for her to learn about more than one Christmas carol. (Which reminds me, I still have to merge those down into one post.)

  • The Clutter Reports: Probably the last we’ll see of the Bumblebee shelf. If you have really young kids and want to know if the Transformers: Rescue Bots are going to be for them, check out my review. The new show will debut on Dec. 17th, and I will have a review the following Monday, if plans work out. You know how that goes.
  • Reviewers Unknown: This isn’t a retooled old BW article, so you haven’t read this one before. Reviewers Unknown had their one-year anniversary recently and I was in the middle of a multi-part article at the time. Also, I didn’t get to make a vlog to celebrate, it was also BW’s THREE-year anniversary. So following others’ examples, I wrote about how I got into writing articles and was absorbed into the RU collective. Turns out resistance actually was futile. Who knew?
  • Reviewers Unknown CAMEO: Arthur Knowledge’s defense of the universe has him worn out, so he decides to get the Touch and review Transformers: The Movie. (That would be the animated version.) Naturally, when he asked for cameos, I jumped right in and created three different bits. Check the review to see which one he went with.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Sonic Universe #34

Somebody's been watching Iron Man.

Just barely beat out Angirus attacking Mechagodzilla. Maybe if Angirus had belted out a cool line.

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