Note the spelling. “GoBots” is the classic toyline by Tonka. This spelling is something else. If you remember in my video review of the GoBots illustrated booklet I gave a brief mention of a Playskool line called “Transformers Go-Bots” or alternately Go-Go-Go-Bots. This toyline, the name an obvious attempt to keep BanDai or anyone else from reinstating their former competition, designed for younger fans, were easy to transform. Early figures had the Autobot symbol, but soon the line divorced from the Transformers and became its own line.

(I should note that there were other attempts at making a younger-targeted Transformers, like First Transformers, 1-2-3, and a set based on the Movieverse figures.)

One of the ways to promote the line was, naturally, an attempt at an animated series. I didn’t know that any episodes aired on TV I did find two episodes with a station identification. The first two episodes were released in a giveaway video that came with certain figures, but the other two aired on TV in New York and Chicago so I never saw them. The cartoon plays much like the Rescue Heroes show, only with robots causing the trouble rather than natural disasters or some kid messing up.

Why am I showing this when December is usually when I try to hunt down Christmas stuff? On December 17, the Hub will air Transformers: Rescue Bots, a traditional animated series in the same vein as Rescue Heroes taking place in a separate continuity from the current Transformers: Prime cartoon and aimed at a younger audience. I’m curious to see how the new series will play out, but I thought it would be interesting to look back to the last time they pulled out a rescue robots Transformers line.

The person posting the episodes separated both stories and the opening credits, so you’re getting three videos for this post.

[UPDATE: 1/23/2020: A new upload goes to four episodes, as the third and fourth story were separated by what I had to re-embed with. These things happen, so at least I could find new versions.]

In episode one, the reckless actions of a Go-Bot causes trouble.

In episode two, the reckless actions of a Go-Bot causes trouble.

In episode three, the reckless…I think you get the drill by now.

In episode four, the last one made, guess what happens. Just guess. However, we get a new member, someone remembers to draw that “G” thing on the toys, and we get a new power booster. Otherwise, more of the same.

Actually, this appears to be how the rest of the series would run, according to the other two episodes I’ve seen. Some Go-Bot comes to Earth to mess with their powers, those powers cause trouble, and the Go-Bot Guardians have to corral them and clean up the mess, then convince the repentant renegade Go-Bot to return to Botropolis to complete their training. It’s kind of formulaic. I never saw these on TV around here, but maybe they weren’t in my market or I just missed them.

The other thing that bothers me is that when a toy had more than one figure, and thus more than one alt mode, the show doesn’t go through the trouble of using that. Instead, one toy is used as the default robot mode and bots like Speed Bot and Beast Bot just change into all his forms. I would have liked to have seen the robots with more than one mode having to decide with vehicle/animal shape to equip themselves with for a given mission and have to use just that. This isn’t what we get, however and I think a good chance to help sell the figures was lost.

Otherwise, I kind of like the concept. Aliens coming to Earth just to help, no war for the little kiddies but still having some kind of adversary (just a bunch of punk kids who learn their lesson, mind you), and we still get some decent rescue action. The animation (although Aerobot’s face looks rather goofy) is pretty good.

Still, this was far from perfect, with Rescue Heroes still the standard to which I will judge Transformers: Rescue Bots by when it airs. Expect a “Pilot Review” after it airs Saturday, December 17. (Check local listings for time in your area. It’s 12 ET.)

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