Just hanging out on Voltron. What, you wouldn't? I have a fear of hights and I totally would.

Voltron Vol. 1 #1

(They put the volume number up there; I’m just posting it.)

Dynamite Entertainment (2011)

WRITER: Brandon Thomas
ARTIST: Ariel Padilla
COLORIST: Marcelo Pinto
LETTERER: Marshall Dillon
COVERS “A” (shown) & “B”: Alex Ross
COVER “C”: Sean Chen
COVER “D”: Wagner Reis

As Voltron fights a Ro-Beast in the streets of New York City, the Voltron Force work to rescue survivors. Plus a flashback tells of the time a not-Obama president (he’s obviously a template, which I bring it up) hires a Doctor Zarkon to work to stop an alien invasion.

What they got right: The fight scene between Voltron and the Ro-Beast are really good and I dig the character redesigns. They’re still very much the Voltron Force we know but with enough personalization and updating that they’re unique.

What they got wrong: Where do I start? How about with “did I miss an issue”? Was there a #0? When did Voltron start talking and acting on his own? He hasn’t been an independent machine since Hagar (or the space goddess if you follow the original Go Lion series) split him into five robots. We’re dropped into the middle of the action with no frame of reference, and if you’re already a Voltron fan very little clue as to what’s going on outside of “hey, I know those characters”. And what is this stuff about Zarkon being an Earth human with a family? Really? You really think adding what I’m betting is a revenge plot to Zarkon is going to make him a better character? Honestly?

Recommendation: Any interest I have in this first arc is based solely on my love of Voltron, but after that all bets are off and the odds aren’t looking so good thus far. You might be better off with the old Devil’s Due run (just ignore “A Legend Forged”, that was worse than this). Or better yet go watch the old TV show.

Sorry, the fight was the only “Best Scene” and it’s half the comic, so no nomination here.


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