The joke you're expecting ain't happening.

Babylon 5 #7

DC Comics (August, 1995)

WRITER: Tim DeHaas
ARTIST: John Ridgway
LETTERER: Tracy Hampton Munsey
COLORIST: Robbie Busch
ASSISTS: James McCann
EDITOR: Laura Hitchcock

As Garibaldi and Keffer make their way to safety, Garibaldi talks more about his adventure with Sinclair. Trapped in a cave, Garibaldi gave in to his alcoholism and wandered off remembering his friend’s death. A cave-in nearly kills Sinclair but with Sanchez’s guidance  he gets there just time. Back in the present, the Shadows’ agents attempt to turn Garibaldi and Keffer against each other, which reminds Garibaldi about the rest of the story, told next issue.

What they got right: The main focus is on the flashback, and I do like seeing this story.

What they got wrong: I referred to the guys chasing our heroes as “the Shadows’ agents” because if these are supposed to be the Shadows themselves they sure don’t look like them. Also, do these things travel through tree teleportation or something? That’s what it looks like in one scene and I’m not sure how that works.

Recommendation: Still a must-have for any B5 fan.

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