Yesterday we saw who was leaving and tonight we look at who is taking their place. Harras claims that “(m)any of the characters from our canceled books will appear in ‘DC Comics – The New 52’ titles, and in some very surprising ways” so we may get Static back in Teen Titans or something. However, are the six cancellations going to lead to six better comics? The answer may disappoint us.

  • Batman Incorporated: The title nobody asked for is back because nobody demanded it. And by nobody I mean Grant Morrison. This was his baby and as one of the writers the current DC Crew want to keep happy (along with Geoff Johns and for some reason Rob Liefeld) they brought it back. This is also why I think they kept Batwing, a character with less recognition than Mister Terrific and Static combined, even among comic fans much less the general audience. Isn’t this why Hal, Barry, and Barbara are back in their supercostumes, Kyle, Wally, and Cassie/Stephanie be fragged? I really do not follow the logic here. Batman Incorporated, where Batman gathers the Batman-like heroes around the world into a tight group, was a bad idea before and it’s not any better now. Batman is now DC’s Wolverine, the loner on three teams (including two out of three Justice Leagues). This won’t end well.
  • Earth 2: No connection to the old NBC sci-fi series, this is simply the adventures of the Justice Society of America. Yes, they’re back in another universe which not only defeats the purpose of Crisis On Infinite Earths (like these guys care about their predecessors) but I thought that Pandora (the character that I was calling Lady Flashpoint until the official name was given) was trying to bring various areas of the multiverse together, which is why elements of the Wildstorm universe are not part of the DC Universe. I’m confused again.
  • World’s Finest: This will follow the adventures of Power Girl and the Huntress, heroes from Earth 2, struggling to return to their universe. Calling it World’s Finest (the name originally used for the Batman/Superman team-up title) , but the idea isn’t so much bad (it might even be interesting) as odd.
  • Dial H: Not Dial H For Hero, just Dial H. The original version followed a kid who found a magic telephone dial who, when he dialed H-E-R-O, would become a different superhero each time he used it. (What happened if he dialed P-I-Z-Z-A I couldn’t say.) Like the Shazam! series, it’s custom-made for a kid-friendly (but not necessarily targeted, although it could be with better people in charged who didn’t think “all-ages” was cursing) but I don’t think the author is going for that. In an interview with CBR China Miéville, a novelist, said he want to focus on the psychological ramifications of having a device that turns you into different people all the time. This doesn’t sound quite so fun.
  • G.I. Combat: Take the concerns I had with Man of War and put them here. This is a military anthology that will include the Haunted Tank and the Unknown Soldier. Like I said yesterday, these are the wrong people to do a military war story. There will also be a regular story in each issue, “The War That Time Forgot”. I have no idea how this will go. At least one of the writing teams for the back-up, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, can be fun, but J.T. Krul is doing the main story. This won’t end well.
  • The Ravagers: This is spinning out of the Superboy/Teen Titans crossover storyline and sounds like a rip-off of Marvel’s The Runaways. A group of kids want to be superheroes instead of supervillains and thus go on the run. Nobody asked for it, but your getting it anyway. Feel lucky?

So that’s who the newest of the New 52 are going to be and frankly there’s nothing there to make me think I want to expand my reading. World’s Finest might surprise me, though. It depends on how Paul Levitz writes this tale, but I’m not getting my hopes up, or my wallet open, anytime soon for these new ones.

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