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I found out there’s a shortcode that will allow me to post videos and unlike Vodpod allow you to see them full screen. Cool, because tonight’s show is one of my favorites from Japan. Let me introduce you to the Danger Service Agency (and especially Mikura) in the series Mezzo DSA.

The TV sequel to the direct-to-video (or OVA –original video animation–for any anime fanatics) Mezzo Forte, a movie that from the description I probably don’t want to see, Mezzo DSA, or just Mezzo for the US release, follows the Danger Service Agency, a group who takes high risk jobs. Not every episode involves the paranormal (although the next episode does involve aliens), and I was a little disappointed in that, although there is an episode involving androids.

The credits are likely to end up in a My Favorite Intro posting at some point. The Barnabys, who do both credits, appear in the opening and the visuals work nicely with their music.

What makes the 13 episode series shine, however, are the characters. Kurokawa is a bitter ex-cop who sets up the team’s jobs. Harada is the tech man of the group who needs a better barber. The little girl rescued in the opening and is also in the credits is Asami, a sweet but shy girl who is the target of bullies and hangs with the DSA in hopes of growing a spine. The real star of the series, however, is the pink-haired Mikura. If animated women can be hot, Mikura would definitely get me going. This is how you do the sexy badass woman. She has her feminine side but she’s still a hothead butt-kicker who looks good doing it. She’s the focus character, but everyone has an origin story.

Like most anime there’s an override subplot that takes hold of the finale. In this case it’s the guy trying to kill Kurokawa and who hired him. It’s OK, but I’d rather just watch the DSA kick some butt.

As of this posting all 13 episodes are up on Hulu and if you liked this episode you’ll love the full series.

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