GTA Mars. Where is this game, Rockstar?

Babylon 5 #8

DC Comics (September, 1995)

WRITER: Tim DeHaas
ARTIST: John Ridgway
LETTERER: Tracy Hampton Munsey
COLORIST: Robbie Busch
ASSISTS: James McCann
EDITOR: Laura Hitchcock

In the flashback, Sinclair and Garibaldi stumbled upon a Shadows operation on Mars. They discovered that the base was run by human telepaths running some kind of medical experiment. In the present, Garibaldi and Keffer are able to make their way back to Babylon 5 (thanks to Molari without Morden finding out) where Garibaldi shows him a piece of evidence they found on Mars, a Psi-Corp badge. What he didn’t notice (but the readers are shown) is that one of those people he saw was someone he would meet again, Talia Winters! (A revelation you only get if you know who she is.)

What they got right: This issue concludes the Garibaldi/Sinclair team-up and it also connects to other events in the B5 mythos, like the experiments Talia underwent and the Shadow vessel found by IPX that could mean they have a connection to Psi-Corp. (It’s been a while since I’ve watched the show so some of this I remembered by looking up entries at show fanwiki The Babylon Project.) That makes this a good companion piece to the show.

What they got wrong: It’s a tough one to call out since the story called for it, but if you don’t know the show, you don’t know the significance of Talia being part of the experiment Sinclair and Garibaldi stumbles on, or the appearance of the Shadows ship there.

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of the TV series then this arc (issues 5-8 if your just joining us) is a must have since it’s an important companion piece to the series.

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