The last time I used Kool-Aid-Man in a fight I had to show him losing. (For the record, the Giant Thirst Monster turned out to be a hologram and he defeated it with a mirror. That’s actually not the worse science abuse in the story.) So I’m long past due to show him being the hero. And what better place for a giant picture of soft drink mix to save the day than at the beach?

No, this isn’t the surfing story.

“Marvelous” Round 10

The Battlefield: Adventures of Kool-Aid-Man #1 (Marvel Comics Group, 1983–free giveaway version)

The Promoters: Jim Salicrup (writer), Dan Decarlo (penciler), Joe Giella (inker), & Marie Severin and/or Stan Goldberg (it’s kind of unclear who did which panels/pages/stories – colorists)

Kool-Aid-Man’s detection system shows that the Thirsties are causing mischief on the beach and ruining everyone’s fun. Because that’s all they do. They’re not out to steal money or take over anything; they’re just a big bunch of jerks. So Kool-Aid-Man and his tour group hit the beach to put an end to the Thirsties’ reign of annoyance!

You don't need Charles Atlas, kids. Just drink Kool-Aid.

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For the record I like Kool-Aid.


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