"If I can't be in the comic I'll dominate the cover! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

Battle of the Planets #5

Image Comics/Top Cow (December, 2002)

“LOOSE ENDS” part 2 of 2
WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Wilson Tortosa
LETTERER: Martin Barnes & Dennis Heisler
EDITOR: David Wohl

Feeling better, Keyop looks into a third murder. The others conclude their investigations (and Tiny ends up with a potential love interest) and meet Anderson at a hotel to compare notes. And while they learn a lot about Spectra’s methods their actual plan alludes them.

What they got right: Interesting to see G-Force show their teamwork skills beyond fighting. They can think and plan, too. Plus I like how Tiny also gets a girlfriend. There’s also some foreshadowing at the end for the next arc, as it rains in the city the Terrapin attacked previously.

What they got wrong: I’d say nothing at all were it not for the fact that the cover features a character who isn’t even in the story. Alex Ross has some great art, but to me a cover should sell the comic and this would only sell the comic to fans of the show, rather than the general audience.

Recommendation: If it weren’t for the possibility of people finding these articles for the first time without seeing the previous articles  I wouldn’t bother writing this section until we get to the mini-series that followed the 12-issue main title. It’s just going to be the same thing every time. Buy this comic series. You will not be disappointed.

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