"I lobbied hard to get rid of the weird speech pattern, you know."

Battle of the Planets #9

Image Comics/Top Cow (May, 2003)

“BATTLE ROYALE” part 4 “Under A Blood Red Sky”
Yes, “Battle Royale” is the name of this arc now. CHOOSE ONE (1) STORY ARC SUBTITLE AND BLOODY STICK WITH IT!
WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Wilson Tortosa
COLORISTS: Shane Law, Angelo Tsang, Calvin Lo, & Jaime Noguchi
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar, Dennis Heilser, & Martin Barnes
MANAGING EDITOR: Renae Geerlings

Once Mark learns there is no doctor to rescue, he starts doing what Mark does best–kicking Zoltar’s @%# (as seen in a Friday Night Fight) while Jason and Princess continue to fight Spectra forces and their brainwashed human allies. However, Princess has found out where the signal is and Tomak (when not revealing more about his backstory) sends a sub to blow it up. Anderson’s computer takes out the controlled drone fighter (at the cost of losing his information source) and with all their plans ruined Spectra runs off. It’s the first major victory for G-Force!

What they got right: This story is all action, and all glorious.

What they got wrong: Was the use of a heart-shaped word balloon supposed to mean that Susan the computer was flirting with Anderson? I can think of no better reason to introduce Zark. That’s just creepy.

Recommendation: Darn this week. I’m running out of new ways to say “buy this”. And I may not be able to get any comics THIS weekend either. I seriously need money.

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