Anyone remember my Feet of Fury entry? The one I linked to this afternoon?

Well, that was just Mark escaping, but it satisfied the “end with a kick” rules. Once Mark rescued Keyop the real fight began. That fight…is tonight!

“Maxim” round 2

The Battlefield: Battle of the Planets #9 (Top Cow; May 2003)

The Promoters: Munier Sharrieff (writer), Wilson Tortosa (penciler), Shane Law, Angelo Tsang, Calvin Lo, & Jamie Noguchi (colorists), Robin Spehar, Dennis Heisler, & Martin Barnes (letterers), and Alex Ross (art director)

After freeing Keyop and sending him to retrieve their communicators and weapons, Mark prepares for the big fight. That’s right, Mark is facing the Earth commander of Spectra without any weapons. Because that’s how he rolls!

Zoltar, who has sharp tips on his gloves and watches Star Wars to learn from the Sith.

Actually, Mark does have one device at his disposal; his holographic belt buckle.

To be honest the next panel is Zoltar knocking Mark away but the next time we see them a number of pages later…

Because he’s the damn Gatchaman!

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