Even Internet Meme Chuck Norris is scared of this guy.

Battle of the Planets: Mark #1 (of 1)

Image Comics/Top Cow (May, 2003)

WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Edwin David
COLORISTS: Shane Law, Jen Chan, & Calvin Lo
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler
MANAGING EDITOR: Renae Geerlings

Mark is contacted by Red Impulse when their leader, Colonel Cronus (Mark’s hero and unknown to him the father he thought abandoned him and his mother), goes missing while on an intelligence-gathering mission. Mark makes contact with Cronus’s contact, and with her help Mark and Red Impulse (joined at the last minute by G-Force) rescues Cronus. However, Spectra was able to retrieve some of the information they wanted.

I’m not going to go with the usual system on this one because there’s mostly good to talk about. I may revisit this story as a Scanning My Collection when I have time. There’s just a lot to go over. We learn more about Mark, my favorite member of G-Force, as well as Cronus and his motivations for leaving his family. We get to meet members of Red Impulse, which I don’t remember happening on the show, and we learn officially that Mark has a thing for Princess. Plus, an homage appearance by robots resembling 7-Zark-7. And of course, Mark kicking tail and not bothering with the names because there are too many tails left to kick.

All of this is why this bonus-sized special is my favorite of the Top Cow run. If you’re looking for one book to test the waters on, this might be more expensive (or at least it was when originally published) but it’s so worth it. It’s the best example of what made this such a great reboot of the TV series.

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