"I make this look good."

Battle of the Planets: Jason

Image Comics/Top Cow (July, 2003)

WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Edwin David
COLORISTS: Shane Law, Jen Chan, Andrew Hou, Kevin Yan, Calvin Lo, Herbert Kwan, & Simon Yeung
(how many colorists do you need, guys?)
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar, Dennis Heisler, & Martin Barnes
MANAGING EDITOR: Renae Geerlings

Jason, we learn, is part of a mob family and he’s decided to use those connections to learn more about why Spectra had his parents killed. (Also, his real name is George.) With the help of his uncle, Jason infiltrates an assassins guild going up against the assassin group who killed Jason’s parents, agents of Spectra who have infiltrated Jason’s uncle’s organization. His undercover operations also put Chief Anderson in danger when he becomes the hit “Joe Asakura” (a pseudonym Jason is using) must prove himself with. While Jason finally gets his revenge on the assassins, a group of Spectran females, he also learns more than he wanted about his father.

It’s too bad the other members didn’t get their own one-shots. (Princess had a two-parter that will be reviewed soon but it’s just an adaptation of an episode.) We learn quite a bit about Jason and why he is who he is. “Joe Asakura” is credited in the story as a name Keyop made for him for a video game, but it’s actually the name of his Gatchaman counterpart. (I don’t know where “George” came from. None of the other US adaptations used that name for him.)

I haven’t raved a lot about the art in this series outside of one of the early reviews. The art is great and sticks as close to the show models as makes sense. While “Mark” focused on my favorite G-Force member nothing here really bothers me, either. It’s one of their better stories, and the part with Chief Anderson will play into a later issue.

So again, buy this series and you won’t be disappointed. Unless your the rare case who would miss Zark, but I’m pretty sure that’s just me.

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