Guess they heard about Bay changing the Ninja Turtles to aliens.

Battle of the Planets: Manga #2

Image Comics/Top Cow (December, 2003)

WRITER: David Wohl
ARTIST: Edwin David
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar, Dennis Heisler, & Mark Roslan
MANAGING EDITOR: Renae Geerlings

G-Force are attacked by a giant robot made of junk. Meanwhile, Keyop finds and rescues a group of children captured by Spectra. With the jig up, the agents turns the rides of the amusement park, still full of people, into instruments of death.

There’s nothing wrong with this issue at all (outside of the lack of “manga” style I mentioned yesterday). It may not stand out as storytelling gold, but it’s fun, action packed, and the black-and-white art really works here. Very much recommended picking up.

I don’t usually do a comic review on Sundays, since I use that writing time for the Clutter Reports. However, because the next miniseries is six issues long and I’m sure you want me to get past Battle of the Planets already (I get paid soon, so we’ll get some newer comics hopefully the week after–I have bills to pay) we’ll finish Manga tomorrow.


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