By now you all may be sick of Battle of the Planets. Until I get my first paycheck from the new bosses, I have to go through my old comics and I’m still on the BOTP section. Wait until I get to the longer series, like Transformers. At any rate, it’s not the first time G-Force has made it into the fights and it might not be the last. However, this is the best.

“Maxim” round 3

The Battlefield: Battle of the Planets #12 (Image Comics/Top Cow – September, 2003) “Destroy all Monsters” part 2 of 2

The Promoters: Munier Sharrieff (writer), Wilson Tortosa (penciler), Shane Law, Angelo Tsang, Calvin Lo, & Jamie Noguchi (colorists), Alex Ross (art director), and Robin Spehar & Sennis Heisler (letterers)

G-Force has made their way into Spectra’s latest monster robot animal thingy. The army of evil are waiting for them.

Wipe that smile off of your faces, boys. You won’t have them for long. The faces, I mean. The next page and a half is brought to you without comment or captions.

Our heroes follow that guy to where Chief Anderson and the President are, rescues them, and then uses the whirlwind attack they do against Zoltar and another bunch of Spectrans. Because that’s how G-Force operates!

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