When I promote these new web series I find myself hoping I won’t regret it. After all, Saturday Night Showcase is a bit different from regular postings. For a more recent example, while I enjoy Ninja The Mission Force (which I may use as filler videos some time because Glaser does want the message out and it’s a great show), it’s not quite SNS material because it also requires a certain level of personal inspiration, more like his other work and previous SNS posting, Robogirl. The former isn’t my usual genre and I watch it mostly for Ed Glaser and Brad “The Cinema Snob” Jones working on a well written, fun-to-watch production.

Sync, a new series by digital effects team Corridor Digital, may turn into the type of story I would like to write, if not a bit bloodier than I would write it. Granted, I’m only going by episode 1 and the trailer, but there are some interesting ideas that hold my attention. Let me show you with episode 1.

While Sam and Niko, the guys behind Corridor Digital, usually show up in their skits, they tend to keep to the backgrounds of their narratives. For example, in the short film Prism, another Saturday Night Showcase entry, the story featured two kids against an evil organization and Sam & Niko were never on camera. The other difference is that Sync was created not for their own section of YouTube, but for a new project called Bammo, a collection of YouTube celebrities who get to make something different from their usual offerings. Sync is intended to be a web series that’s completely serious, yet containing the action and digital effects of their usual skits. There are a number of shows worth giving a look at.

According to the YouTube description that goes with this trailer, Sync is the story of “the first computerized human, and he is a bad ass”, taking place in the year 2025. Who is he? How did this happen? And who is the little girl who is probably part of the story? I’m curious to see the answers and where they’re going to take this. There will be new monthly episodes (I believe this is their goal) but you can see behind-the-scenes videos on the Bammo page. It should be an interesting ride.

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