Not every battle has to involve punching each other. As an action sci-fi fan I love a good space battle. Tonight’s Friday Night Fight is one of those space battles, courtesy of Sean Wang’s Runners. While I used scans from the online version (link in the blogroll) I own the “Bad Goods” arc in mini-series form (although it’s also available in graphic novel variety) so it’s all good. So let’s join our heroes in an outer space spaceship fight.

“Maxim” round 5

The Battlefield: Sean Wang’s Runners: Bad Goods #3 (Serve Man Press; June, 2004)

The Promoter: Sean Wang (story/art)

The crew of the Khoruysa Brima are under attack. Just another day for them.

I've always wondered about the placing of the cockpit. It must make it tough to see what's happening on the other side.

That’s Roka. Always seeing the positive.

But he's positive they're dead.

Looks like it. The only thing to do is head for the escape pods and hope they can get away.

Yeah, why?

What do they launch those things with, Nitrox?

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