What's with all the mosquitoes?

Rocketeer Adventures Vol 2 #1

IDW Publishing (March, 2012)

EDITOR: Scott Dunbier
COVER “A” (shown): Darwyn Cooke
COVER “B”: Dave Stevens
DESIGNER: Chris Mowry
WRITER: Marc Guggenheim
ARTIST: Sandy Plunkett
COLORIST: Jermoy Cox
LETTERER: Robbie Robbins
WRITER: Peter David
ARTIST/LETTERER: Kill Sienkiewicz
STORY & ART: Stan Sakai
COLORIST: Dave Stewart

In the first story, Cliff avoids a couple of bi-planes and saves a boy from being run over, only to be hit himself. The boy’s father and other locals discuss whether or not to turn the vigilante over to the proper authorities. A great short story and the best artwork of the three stories presented. The kid’s speech is pretty much my view on heroes.

The second story is a nod to wartime films using rather obvious homages to Daffy Duck (as the Ducketeer), Marvin the Martian as a Nazi, and Elmer Fudd as Hitler. This is not Peter David’s best work and the artwork is just wrong for a theatrical short toon. Also, it’s just the Ducketeer trying to take off. It’s lame.

The final tale is tough to describe. Cliff gets shot down…again…by a kid who wants to build his own flight pack. Obvious Superman homages follow, and of the two homages this works much better. It’s followed by a great art piece by Arthur Adams as Cliff and Bette face a dinosaur and I want to read that story.

Overall, a nice return (second story aside) but I still want an ongoing.

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