"While you're up there, can you patch that leak in our roof?"

Rocketeer Adventures V2 #2

IDW Publishing (April, 2012)

EDITOR: Scott Dunbier
COVER “A” (shown): Darwyn Cooke
DESIGNER: Chris Mowry
WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: Colin Wilson
COLORIST: Dave Stewart
LETTERER: Robbie Robbins
WRITER: Paul Dini
ARTIST: Bill Morrison
COLORIST: Serban Cristescu
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
WRITER: Walter Simonson
ARTIST: John Paul Leon
COLORIST: Dave Stewart
Plus a pin-up by J. Scott Campbell (art) and John Rauch (color)

The first story finds Cliff waking up on a battlefield trying to rescue a soldier while a giant war machine out of a Captain America story  goes on a rampage. That’s all to say about it outside of the writing and art making it a pretty powerful piece, even if it’s a bit darker than most Rocketeer stories I’ve read.

The second story is probably my favorite. Cliff goes into jealous mode again as Betty gets a supporting role in a movie serial about cowboys fighting aliens. (Why does that sound familiar?) Then he has to rescue her without being spotted. It’s fun in both story and art, a reversal of the first story but one that feels more like a full story rather than a scene from a larger story. We also see just how loyal Betty is to Cliff, even if he does end up in trouble…as usual.

The final story has the Rocketeer rescuing a movie starlet from kidnappers. They don’t show her face until the end when she makes an autograph for Betty (after stealing a kiss from her rescuer). Not as strong as the other two but still a good story.

So far, this was the best one of the second volume. I still wish they’d make that ongoing or at least one full-issue tale.

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