Sonic does not actually appear in this story.

Sonic Universe #39

Archie Comics (June, 2012)

“SCRAMBLED” part 3, “Line In The Sand”
WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Jamal Peppers
INKER: Jim Amash
COLORIST: Steve Downer
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

Eggman drops in on the Dragon Kingdom and pushes his weight around with the Raiju clan. Snively heads to his old girlfriend, the former Iron Queen Regina. After a quarrel between the two, Snively comes up with a plan to rescue her. Meanwhile, Eggman uses Mecha-Sally to take the opportunity to regain control of Monkey Khan just as he’s introduced to an ancient robot under Snively and Regina’s control.

What they got right: I like the design of the “ancient tech robot”. And it looks like Regina and Snively might actually make a good couple, unless she’s playing him the way she did the Iron King and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

What they got wrong: We had to see Regina and Snively kissing. Yuck.

Recommendation: I’m holding out for Snively and Regina being a recurring threat apart from Eggman. Really enjoying this arc.

"I think I just oiled myself."


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