There’s not a lot to say in this one. It features the Phantom doing what the Phantom does best. It’s who he does it too that makes in interesting, but we save that for the fight proper. So let’s get to the fight proper.

“Maxim” round 8

The Battlefield: The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #7 (Moonstone; 2009) “International Waters”

The Promoters: Mike Bullock (writer), Fernando Peniche (artist), Bob Pedroza (colorist), and Josh Aitken (letterer)

So what did this guy do? He shot a young boy to show the Phantom he was serious. You can’t out-serious the Phantom!

Don’t worry, though. The kid wasn’t hurt that badly. Plus he was right; NEVER point a gun at the Phantom. Or one of the kids he came to rescue.

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