Those are Ring Raiders, a toy where you wear planes on your fingers. Even without the sound effect handle I’m sure any young plan enthusiasm would have liked them. Naturally, every toy needed a cartoon in those days, which has fallen into disapproval thanks to parents who think they can stop kids from asking for stuff parents’ groups worried about influencing kids’ minds and you don’t know how hard I’m working not to add some social/political rant here. So Ring Raiders was born.

The result? Proof that even Shuki Levy, one of the greats of cartoon music/intro writing can have a bad day.

The animation isn’t that great. It’s not awful, but to point to another DIC-produced show, it’s no Starcom. That made the takeoff look cool. This was pretty boring, really. They bring the “ring” into it (because a show about fighter planes on some kid’s hand would be ridiculous) by giving the rings power. Not like Green Lantern, in this show the ring could allow the pilot to…I don’t know, merge with the plane or something. It’s been a while since I’ve watched and I don’t remember being clear on what it did anyway. Juu-Kuchi of Under The Cel Shading reviewed the show if you’re curious about a series about pilots taken from throughout history to do battle done wrong.

It’s the theme song that really kills this intro, and with Levy on board that shouldn’t happen. The music itself isn’t bad, it’s the words. “We’re faster than evil/ we’re faster than crime/we’re faster than light/we’re faster than time/we’re faster than Spaceball-1…” or whatever else they come up with, and that’s most of the song. It’s not even close to his best work. For all the flack I give Conan The Adventurer, at least it says something about the show…in a run-on sentence once it stops going on about how awesome Conan is and until it goes BACK to going on about how awesome Conan is. This tells us only that jet fighters are fast and I’m pretty sure even the kids watching this show knew that beforehand.

So yes, even the greats can put out a stinker now and then.


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  1. […] best if he did this one. He often did Saban’s intros, but I’ll still put it over Ring Raiders. Still it’s just “Ma ma ma ma ma ma Macron 1/feel the power”. And I just realized […]


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