I didn’t have an article yesterday because my computer is being given a full going over by the BW IT guy, which means all I have is a laptop that I can’t connect to the internet with. That means I wrote this article and all of this week’s “Yesterday’s” Comic reviews beforehand. I didn’t want to miss out on another FNF so here were are for round 12 with a little quicky involving Mario and King Koopa.

Slashfic writers, hands away from the keyboard….NOW!!!!!!!

Maxim round 12

The Battlefield: Adventures of the Super Mario Bros. #1 (Valiant/Nintendo Comics System; February, 1991) “It’s Always Fair Weather”

The Promoters: John Walker, Dan Danglo, P. Zorita, Jade, Rainbowhead

Koopa doesn’t like that his likeness is being used at a Mushroom Kingdom fair dunking booth and decides to cause some trouble. Luckily, Mario has been playing his third game and uses his raccoon tail to foil his plans. Apparently he forgot to read the manual.

Bowser forgot his water wings.

At least he didn’t get dropped into a fire pit this time.

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