Someone just saw the Avengers movie.

Richie Rich: Rich Rescue #5

Ape Entertainment/Kidzoic (2012)

WRITER: Buddy Scalera
ARTIST: James Silvani
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
also featuring a bunch of one-page gags by the following
WRITERS: Ralph Newman & Lennie Herman
ARTISTS: Warren Kremer, Sid Couchey, & Ernie Colon
COLORIST: Dustin Evans
EDITOR: Aaron Sparrow
CONCEPT: Brent E. Erwin

The gang take some time off testing Professor Keenbean’s new virtual reality machine, but as typical for these stories something goes haywire (thanks to a villain tricking Reggie) and the gang, playing superheroes, are in for the fight of their lives.

What they got right: Hey, for once Reggie shows a conscience. Hurray! These stories are usually formulaic, but breaking out the superhero parody helps a bit, and we see Freckles and Pee Wee finally appear in the main stories.

What they got wrong: But wait, I thought Richie and Gloria already knew who they were? They’re regular characters in the classic comics, and stories based on those have appeared as the backup feature in this series, including this very issue. Why act like they just met in that one panel? They would have been better off with “hey, guys, nice seeing you again” than “great to finally meet you”. Plus they’re not exactly going to help Reggie gain some more humanity if they keep dumping on him like that. Why did Richie bring him on the team in the first place?

Recommendation: It’s nice to see this title back, and hopefully getting some more readers will keep it back (there is a lack of Rich Rescue in recent solicits). I enjoy the title and I think you check it out, if only for your kids.

I wish this were a moment of character growth for Reggie, but it probably isn’t.


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