The cover of TMNT #1

The cover of TMNT #1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nickelodeon put out a trailer for their new version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. It’s computer generated, which didn’t hurt TMNT, the computer-animated movie from a few years ago. However, while we can’t judge the full product until it’s release, a trailer is supposed to get you interested in what’s coming. Does it do so? Let’s watch.

This may come off a bit harsher than I intend, but where to begin with this? The character models for one. Why do they have Rescue Hero Feet? Look at the things. Beyond that some research via their show site puts a few more things in perspective. It appears that this version does involve younger Turtles; I would say early teens from the way they “talk” and act. I think they’re usually represented closer to fifteen years old, but these may be more around thirteen.

Also, Donatello is trying to get April to “notice” him. Anyone else a bit skeeved out? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone try to put them together romantically. Mostly because I tend to avoid those kinds of fanfic.

The rest of the visuals also seem to resemble a younger-targeted show than the more recent Dong Woo Animation series produced by 4Kids and Mirage Studios. In fact, RU colleague The Gaming Pixie noted that it looks like it was designed for seven-year-olds. That’s not a dealbreaker necessarily considering how much I enjoy Transformers: Rescue Bots but I can see a backlash from older fans, and not just the “everything for meeeeeeeeeeeeee” brand of moron. It looks like it has a younger intended audience than the original cartoon. However, it’s on Nickelodeon, not Adult Swim. Please remember that. Thank you and I bet you don’t listen.

They could be going for a Teen Titans vibe as well, and a lot of people liked that. And yes, replacing “cowabunga” with whatever the heck Mikey is saying now makes little sense. I mean, if you’re going to update a catchphrase, how about one kids can actually say without severing their tongue in the process?

So am I excited for the new series? No, but I am kind of curious as to how it’s going to play out. The series premieres in Fall 2012 and you can keep an eye at the Spotlight and the BW Twitter feed for updates.


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