“Oh, crud, I got a zit!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Color Classics #2

IDW Publishing (June, 2012)

This series is a reprint of the classic Mirage Studios comics, only with color added. I already have a Free Comic Book Day B&W reprint of the first issue and that works for me. However, this was the debut of April and Baxter so I wanted to pick this up.

STORY/ART: Kevin Eastman & Peter Larid
IDW COLORS: Scorpion Studios
EDITOR: Tom Waltz

The Turtles are wondering what to do now that the Shredder has been shredded. The answer may have come to them when scientist Baxter Stockman claims to be attempting to cure the city’s rat problem with his Mouser robots. His assistant, April, learns that he’s in fact using them to rob banks and is plotting to blackmail the city with collapsing the buildings. Together, April and the Turtles rise to stop them.

What they got right: Here we have the early stages of giving the Turtles unique characteristics. Donatello is the tech head, Raphael is a bit hot-headed, and Michelangelo likes to taunt him while Leonardo is all about pleasing his father/sensei, Splinter. Remember, they hadn’t planned on even doing a second issue, much less creating a phenomenon in independent comics publishing and creating a marketable franchise. They adapted pretty well. IDW’s colorization is for the most part well done and adds something to the artwork.

What they got wrong: I just wish they added the cartoon’s color coding. If I have any complaint about the artwork ever is that you can’t tell one Turtle apart from another unless they say something that only that character would say or holding their signature weapon. Since everyone wears red masks (the color the cartoons later on would give to Raphael), I can’t tell them apart and that’s kind of distracting.

Recommendation: If you ever wondered where these characters came from and didn’t want to hunt down the originals or were against the black and white reprints, this color reprint is a good alternative.



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