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Some time ago I posted a fan-produced Superman cartoon by Rob Platt, featuring former Superboy John Newton and his wife as Clark and Lois respectively. I was hoping that any follow-up video would show Superman battling the robots. Sadly, that’s not what we get. Happily, the short we get, also ending in a cliffhanger, just makes me want this cartoon to be a series even more, as we’re teased with Superman’s opposite number, Bizzaro.

That was actually a nice audio trick with Bizzaro’s speaking style, and he even used the Superman serial theme backwards for Bizzaro’s theme music. You can see his other short, as well as a 3D version of “Bizzaro Classic” on his YouTube page. We might end up with more “Classic” versions of Superman’s characters, and maybe someday we’ll actually see how the story ends.


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