Is it too late for DLC for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions?

Spider-Men #2

Marvel Comics (August, 2012)

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
COLORIST: Justin Pnosor
LETTERER: Cory Petit
PRODUCTION: Mayela Gutierrez
EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

Miles goes all fanboy on Peter (not knowing that he’s from an alternate dimension), who is rather freaked out that he’s dead and everyone knows who he is. After the obligatory Marvel scuffle, Peter ends up at SHIELD base, where Ultimate Nick Fury sends the Spiders to find out what’s going on, as Mysterio enacts a plan of his own.

What they got right: Peter isn’t quite as chatty this issue. I like the moments between Peter and Miles. They feel natural. Again, I love how the Spider costumes are drawn in this comic. It’s like a case FOR photorealistic art, and I usually just ask for good comic art. Oh, and that “AR” box is gone in my version. Bonus.

What they got wrong: I still feel like this could fit in an issue and a half rather than two full issues.

Recommendation: An improvement over issue one. I can almost recommend this issue but the verdict is still out on the entire miniseries.

“My hat was in that helicopter.”



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