There’s a theory that they changed last issue’s cover because it showed Superman hitting this woman. A woman hitting Superman is apparently all right. Equality?

Superman #10

DC Comics (August, 2012)

“SECRETS & LIES” part 2
FINISHES: Jesús Merino
COLORISTS: Tanya & Richard Horie
EDITORS: Matt Idelson & Eddie Berganza
COVER: Ivan Reis, Eber Ferreira, & Rod Reis
“SUPERMAN” CREATORS: Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster

During the battle with Anguish, the locket she stole from the bank is damaged. Enraged that the only thing she had left was this picture of her mom, Anguish decides to go after Superman’s family–or rather Spence Becker’s family thanks to Morgan Edge posting what is later shown to be false information once the real Spence shows up after Superman rescues his family. Meanwhile, the sub crew find out a bit more about their cargo.

What they got right: Almost everything. I like how Superman defeats Anguish with strategy since “hit until it stops moving” won’t work here. They find a way to make me care about Anguish. While the subplot with Spence and his family seems mostly there to give Anguish something to go after, I kind of like the subplot.

What they got wrong: Although Jimmy Olsen now creeps me out. Also, no explanation about Anguish’s abilities. She can’t be touched but she can hurt Superman. Not sure how that works.

Recommendation: Enjoy the comic while you can. As expressed earlier this week I don’t have high hopes for Lobdell’s upcoming run.


I put the Related articles before the Best Scene nomination because THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THIS ISSUE. I usually try to avoid spoiler moments for Best Scenes, but…



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  1. siskoid says:

    I left Marvel way back when just as Lobdell was starting out (with lame filler in Marvel Comics Presents) so my only real experience with his comics is the New52 stuff. And of his three current series, I only read Red Hood (a guilty pleasure, and it’s not MY copy of it). Red Hood, after the screwed up gender politics of issue 1, has turned into an amusing “buddy picture” with lots of banter, but as yet no plot I find particularly interesting or even thematically fitting for the characters. I was turned off by the art and faux-mutantmania of the Teen Titans straight out of #1, and dropped Superboy after a couple issues because it was slightly dull, a take that did not hook me, and almost immediately started crossing over with Titans.

    (By the way, what book is Lobdell dropping to write Superman? Do you know?)

    If there’s a pattern to his writing it’s that the plots are always nowhere, so the book works on the characters (or doesn’t). His Jason and Roy are fun together, but it may be that the buck stops there. I think I am unlikely to like his Superman.


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