Someone hasn’t heard of the phrase “fire hazard”.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Microseries #5

(featuring Splinter)

WRITER: Erik Burnham
ARTIST: Charles Paul Wilson III
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow
SELECTED COVER: David Petersen

During Splinter’s battle with the Shredder (featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #11, review next week), he flashes back to his past life in I think feudal Japan as Hamato Yoshi. He recall how he was full of anger until he met and married Tang Shin and raised a family. However, Oroko Saki, the new head of the Foot Clan, doesn’t take kindly to Yoshi’s backtalk and enacts revenge. Now in modern day New York, Splinter must choose between revenge and his own honor, plus the future of his current family.

What they got right: Except for one detail, I do like the origin story, seeing the early days of Hamato Yoshi, meeting his bride, and settling down to raise a family. The fight scenes are well drawn, while I’m neutral on the humans.

What they got wrong: Splinter is another story. The cover by Peterson is so much better. Oh, and that detail earlier? Why did you have to bring reincarnation into this? Now this revelation may have happened in one of the issues I missed but this is the first time I saw it, so here’s where I bring it up. I can only assume they were trying to find a way to merge the original origin with the cartoon origin, although I don’t know why they’d do that, either. And maybe I don’t understand reincarnation very well, but why would a man and his four sons be reborn as a rat and four turtles? Am I missing something here? And was Shen reborn as well….please don’t let it be April. PLEASE!

Recommendation: I can’t tell you not to get it, since the only fault I have (outside of the artist not drawing a very good Splinter) is a personal one. It’s a good story; I’m just not sure it’s one I wanted told.

No one moment stood out as Best Scene. Been a bit too much of that this week.

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