I’m not a fan of psychiatrists either, but that seems a bit much.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #6

IDW Publishing (June, 2012)

WRITER: James Roberts
ARTIST: Nick Roche
COLORIST: Josh Burcham
EDITOR: John Barber
SELECTED COVER: Alex Milne (artist) & Josh Perez (colorist)

Fortress Maximus, blaming Prowl for not responding quickly enough to events on Garrus 9, takes Rung and Whirl hostage to force Rodimus to take the ship back to Cybertron. The following events will lead to a dead crewmember while Red Alert finds something else in the belly of the Lost Light.

What they got right: Whirl abuse. Seriously, I hate that guy. Also, credit for not ignoring what happened to Fortress Maximus in Last Stand of the Wreckers but working it into the story.

What they got wrong: Is there anybody aboard this ship who doesn’t have issues? Anyone?

Recommendation: If the more extreme personalities would calm down a bit this could be more interesting. Otherwise, it’s a decent enough book. At least give it a look.



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