Hot Toys Superman Returns

Looks more like a movie poster, but whatever you say, Zemanta caption thingy. Yes, it’s the last, and arguably worst (I should ask someday which is worse, Quest For Peace or Returns) of the Superman movies, as reviewed by CA’s Chris Sims and David Uzumeri. [part 1|part 2] It’s not helping in getting me to finally watch this movie, but I suppose someday I’ll have to review it, and I know a few RU colleagues who I wouldn’t be surprised if they got to it first soidon’thaveto.

I still want them to cover Mole Men, but it looks like the X-franchise (the one Bryan Singer abandoned to the not-so-tender mercies of Brett Ratner) is next on the list. Will be curious to see their take. This site being what it is, I should note that Jesus gets brought up a lot, both in vein (which could just be appealing to a higher power for help) and the blatant metaphor that both this movie and DC have stuffed into this character for too bloody long.


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