I don’t do these very often because sometimes the commercials bug me solely because of repetition when trying to watch Blip shows. Otherwise they’d just be stupid. Example: there was this clothing store ad where this lady sets up a hidden speaker near a headless mannequin to talk people out of going into the opposing store. I’M better at improv than the lady in this ad.

These articles aren’t what you’d call timeless, either. Slim Jims eventually dropped their “spicy side” campaign and some of the videos in that piece are even down now. However, sometimes an ad campaign comes along so annoyingly stupid, made worse by the aforementioned repetition that I have to beg it to please stop! Ace Hardware’s “Soul Paint” campaign is one of those.

Now I’m going to pop up a few ad in this series. Without going to Ace’s website (which I will do in a moment), see if you can figure out what the statement is.

I keep watching that last one going “hit the @#%&** thing already!”. I play better ping-pong than that!

Maybe I’m the thick one here, but when I started watching these things, I saw people covered in paint and thought that was the metaphor. Maybe I should blame the Technicolor Lanterns of the DC Universe or something. While looking for those videos I started getting the impression from another set of videos that maybe they were supposed to be something else. Check all three videos in the player below.

Apparently it isn’t that you turn the color of your soul, but it’s a pun on “soul mate”. And now that I get that….it doesn’t help that much. Oh, I’m less likely to assault someone now…except for that ping-pong video. That still annoys me. However, the fact that I needed to go to their YouTube page may say more about me than the campaign, and maybe the rest of you got it. That doesn’t change the fact that while the paint…costumes? Make-up? Anyway those are good but the ad still gets on my nerves. Maybe this new revelation will make it easier to take (again, except for the ping-pong paint person).

However, maybe it is a case of the campaign not making the point right. It still felt like the people are covered in paint, not that they ARE paint. You’d think I of all people would get that right. Maybe I’m losing my touch, but without the YouTube videos to back it up, the concept is lost on me and I shouldn’t have to research an ad campaign. the M&M videos are pretty straightforward. I even got the spicy side ads. They were still stupid and comparatively the “Soul Paint” ads come off as Academy Award nominees, but I understood what they were going for at least.

I will note one gap in internal logic for this “paint as dating partners universe”, though. In the first video the man is pushing his paint girlfriend on a swing when his hands are covered in…her? Oh, that’s just kind of gross. In the one just above, though, there’s a woman having a picnic with her paint boyfriend tossing food in each other’s mouth. Does he get paint on that food, and wouldn’t that make her sick? Or are there ways to control that? I don’t follow this universe’s logic at all.

I could have tossed this aside when I figured out what they were going for, but now you know what I went through to find out what’s going on in something resembling “real-time”. Does it still need to die? Well, that ping-pong one is, but I’ll have to sit through it again with my new awareness to be sure. Now it makes sense, but I still wouldn’t miss it.

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