The others are on the back cover, if you were wondering.

Power Rangers: Super Samurai #1

Papercutz (2012)

“Memory Short”
WRITER: Stephan Petrucha
ARTIST: Paulo Henrique
COLORIST: Laurie E. Smith
LETTERER: Bryan Senka
PRODUCTION: Nelson Design Group, LLC
ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Michael Petranek

Taking a day off, the Samurai Power Rangers attend a concert when Xandred sends a Nighlok who can cause amnesia, hoping to make the concert goers forget the Rangers and increase their lack of hope. (Tears from people’s sorrow is supposed to flood a river in another dimension, allowing evil to come through.) However, it’s Jaden who forgets about the Rangers and himself. Can the team help him remember in time to save the day?

What they got right: It’s the first Power Rangers comic since Acclaim Comics closed shop and I”m frankly surprised. Why didn’t Disney license their shows? Turbo was the last Rangers series to have a comic book counterpart. The art is well done, with a Japanese (or possibly Korean but they look similar enough to me and possibly other Westerners) style to it, and the coloring should be praised as well. There’s a lot of life to the characters and may be some of the best comic art I’ve seen recently because of it.

What they got wrong: The amnesia thing seems to be an excuse to give the show’s back story, which is unnecessary since the there is a part in the beginning of the book that does that just fine in only a few pages. Plus fans of the show will most likely be the ones picking this up anyway and they already know it.

Recommendation: It’s nice to see the Rangers back in comic form, and it is worth checking out if only for the Nighlok design and artwork. Hopefully the next installment will have a better story. He doesn’t seem like a bad writer.

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  1. Jeremy Patterson says:

    Actually, TokyoPop DID produce ‘Cine-Manga’ out of Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder!



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