There were two He-Man theatrical movies. One was the live action Masters of the Universe we all know (and reviewed by my RU colleague The Blockbuster Chick) and the second was the animated film The Secret of the Sword, which also served as the first five episodes of She-Ra’s cartoon. To celebrate theaters had a comic book which pretty much spoiled the big reveal and at least half of the movie. While I didn’t get to see the film in theaters, I was lucky enough to win one through a local TV contest (I forget if it was a call-in or something on their kids show). Although this image doesn’t come from my personal collection I still own it and still count it for this week’s fight and the obligatory MOTU mini-comic entry for this tournament.

Hands of Stone round 7

The Battlefield: He-Man & She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword promo comic (1985)

The Promoters: Mattel? There weren’t any credits given

He-Man has made some new friends in his quest to find…we’ll he doesn’t really know who at this point (although the trailer kind of spoiled everything…nice one, guys!). Traveling to the sister planet of Etheria, our hero finds new playmates.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Even when their evil.

And they can’t fight any better than the old ones.

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Is it weird to anyone else that this song sounds oddly romantic for a song about siblings? Forget the gay jokes, why aren’t there any incest jokes coming from this? Darn it, internet, can’t you get anything right, even when it’s wrong?

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  1. Landry Walker says:

    I’ve always counted Beast Master as the best He-Man movie. It might as well have been one anyway.


    • Pretty sure “born from a cow’s uterus” isn’t on the list of He-Man origins. -_^ Plus he didn’t ride the tiger.The remake series forgot to let Cringer/Battle Cat talk and even they knew He-Man rode him into battle.


      • Landry Walker says:

        Well, in all fairness having an actor ride an actual tiger in the 80’s would have been a challenge. The poor cat from Beast Master was abused enough.

        My He-Man fandom came from the original toyline and mini-comics pre-cartoon (meaning no Prince Adam, Cringer, Orko, or mustache on Man at Arms). So having seen the “canon” of He-Man mutate multiple times, I’m cool with something that is fundamentally similar or simply heavily evocative.


        • I already reviewed the original mini-“comic” origin of He-Man, and you may like the article planned for Monday (if I can get it done on time). The He-Man/She-Ra “canon” is a multiverse, kind of like Transformers.

          I heard that the animals weren’t treated the best on that movie but I’ve also heard conflicting rumors about the tiger’s paint job. Major shame either way. Didn’t even bother for the sequel.


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