“Me looking for new pair of sneakers.”

Transformers: Regeneration One #82

IDW Publishing (August, 2012)

“Loose Ends” part 2
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Andrew Wildman
INKER: Stephen Baskerville
COLORIST: John-Paul Bove
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: John Barber

The Wreckers have arrived on Earth to find the planet slagged and Megatron pretty much insane. He’s lobotomized his troops (while leaving Starscream just enough sanity to be aware of what he’s turned into) and Ratchet turned into a rocket sled. Even the humans (the few left) have turned against the Autobots, including a tech-ed up human calling himself Circuit Smasher! Meanwhile, Grimlock goes to Nebulos, seeking a cure for his inability to transform, and finds things aren’t well there, either.

What they got right: Right? You think there was something done right? Because I sure don’t!

What they got wrong: Let’s get Nebulos out of the way. Apparently they have weapons of war again and if that one guy’s face is any indication they’re not in their right minds, either. Also, they’ve been trying to restore the Headmasters to normal only to have the body reject the new head. I know Furman had no use for the Head/Target/Powermasters and now he’s taking the opportunity to wipe them out. All he’s missing is Mephisto. And why the heck would a Nebulos scientist uses a Christian reference (in a non-Christian comic) or are writers completely unable to avoid the Lazarus reference? Why not “Project: Rebirth”, a nod to the G1 cartoon finale, which would be totally believable from a not-Earth science operation?

Then there’s Earth. Wasted the planet? Megatron lobotomizing his troops? Leaving just enough of Starscream to keep him aware and tortured? Turning Ratchet into a rocket sled? Yet MORE Autobots getting attacked by the humans they want to defend? Three storylines going on at the same time? This is Simon Furman at it’s worse. All we’re missing are the requisite Furmanisms.

Recommendation: This may be the second worst story this guy has written for this franchise, and that’s only because outdoing “Arcee is the result of a forced sex change” is hard to outdo. No recommendation, no Best Scene nomination, no good. Just avoid! I should NOT be telling you to avoid a Transformers comic. I’ve have never wanted to go back to Budiansky more!

(Seriously, how about giving Bob Budiansky, one of the FATHERS of the Transformers Multiverse, his own “Regeneration” title, continuing where he left off? Or even give him his own series and see what he can really do? All IDW’s done with him, again ONE OF THE CREATORS OF THE FRANCHISE!!!!!, is remaking the animated movie adaptation. WHAT! THE! HELL, IDW?!)


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