Is Ironhide wearing a metal loincloth?

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #8

IDW Publishing (August, 2012)

WRITER: Jon Barber
ARTIST: Andrew Griffith
COLORIST: Josh Perez & Joana LaFuente
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman

Ironhide takes the four remaining Dinobots into the forest-like area when they receive a distress call from the Aerialbots. Meanwhile, election talk from the three leaders and more plotting by the Decepticons.

What they got right: A few moments aside we get away from all that internal politics stuff that ISN’T what I pick up a Transformers comic for and some time with the Dinobots, including my favorite…Swoop. Plus Sky Lynx. I like the character’s personalities…well, what we see of them.

What they got wrong: However, I’m not a fan of the Dinobot’s character models. Only Swoop gets to show off his robot mode…which frankly is about as bad as his dino mode…and Slag seems to be using fire to form a mustache.

Recommendation: This is a title that’s beginning to lose me. This story is OK, but I can do without the political power struggle.

Sorry, no stand-out moments in this one.


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