At ComiCONN I picked up two new Masters of the Universe mini-comics which I’m sure will show up in Free Comic Inside at some point. One of them is from the second, DC produced series featuring the debut of Trap Jaw. The other, the source of tonight’s fight, comes from the Mattel-produced third series, featuring Moss Man and Skinkor. The Stinkor toy had an odor to it, and his character continued the skunk stereotyping that has plagued their kind for years. I’m surprised PETA never sued anyone over that. Yet.

One of the interesting things about kids comics is how loose they can get away playing with science and today’s offering is no exception.

Hands of Stone round 10

The Battlefield: Masters Of The Universe mini-comic (Mattel, 1984) “The Stench Of Evil!”

The Promoters: (according to, since they don’t seem to be listed where I can find it) Christy Marx (writer), Larry Houston (letterer), Charles Simpson (colorist), and I’m assuming “Luth” is supposed to be the artist.

Stinkor’s superpower is super-stink, and even He-Man can’t overcome it once Skeletor uses his magic to boost it.

Do I want to know what he threw?

So he turned pure oxygen from the trees into a force field? I’m pretty sure even Swamp Thing is calling BS on this one. (Watch me now be proved wrong in the comments.)

Yeah, yeah, insert “flower power” joke here but we can’t get away without the moral of the story. Yes, in this set of mini-comics Mattel tried to input the “moral lesson” idea from the cartoon. Only poorly.

Like I said, poorly.

And if you thought that one was bad, wait until we get into these years and more Princess of Power mini-comics.


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