I want to make some kind of joke, but what’s in these pages…..

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #8

IDW Publishing (August, 2012)

“Scavengers” part 2: “Who’s Afraid of the DJD?”
WRITER: James Roberts
ARTIST: Alex Milne
COLORIST: Josh Burcham
EDITOR: Jon Barber

Misfire’s group ends up under attack by the Decepticon Justice Division, a group of sadistic “traitor” hunters. However, the Scavengers have one possible defense left in the form of Grimlock. Back on the Lost Light, Chromedome learns why Skids has amnesia, but decides that Skids may not want to know.

What they got right: I want to put something here. The Scavengers are interesting enough, but….

What they got so very wrong: Oh my god, this was the most sadistic thing I have ever read! I avoid this level of nightmare fuel with humans for a reason. Apparently, someone thought that it was OK with robots because robots aren’t people or something. I can’t tell which is worse: the guy who shove another robot through the slicer in his torso or the dude who takes off his own face and shoves the spikes through another robot’s face. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, ROBERTS? These aren’t just robots. In a good Transformers story these are characters and you made us like some of them. In this universe Transformers are people and nobody wants to see this happen to people, whether they’re robots, humans, or some other form of alien life. At least nobody I want to know.

Recommendation: I thought Regeneration One was going to be the worst comic considering how poor the ideas and executions are, but if there’s any more of this kind of thing THIS may be the first Transformers title I stop getting. I’m surprised I’ve held on to IDW’s run as much as I have but I don’t know how much longer I’ll be picking up any of their titles.


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  1. siskoid says:

    Michael Bay wins.


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