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Young Justice #19

DC Comics (October, 2012)

“Gorilla Warfare”
WRITER: Greg Weisman
ARTIST: Luciano Vecchio
COVER ART: Christopher Jones
COLORIST: Zac Atkinson
LETTERER: Dezi Sienty
EDITOR: Sarah Gaydos

Miss Martian teams with the “super-gorillas” to rescue their children and her teammates from the Brain and his minions. Plus the YJ origin of Gorilla City, the Ultra-Humanite, and Gorilla Grodd.

What they got right: Read in conjunction with the previous issue, it forms a good story, with the action balanced with the backstory.

What they got wrong: Having the Brain be responsible for the super-apes feels like an injustice (no pun intended) to the actual origin story.

Other notes: At the end of this issue we find Nightwing reading one of his Robin files. Next issue the series will shift into the “5 years later” period of the Invasion arc. While that arc won me over, it still bothers me that five years of events happened without knowing what they were. Why is Robin Nightwing now? How did Tim and Stephanie (her first non-comics appearance) become the new Robin and Batgirl? When did Young Justice recruit new junior heroes? This comic had the chance to fill in these gaps, being its own title while still being a faithful companion piece to the cartoon. That’s some missed opportunities for this comic.

Recommendation: The only decent superhero team-up book with the DC logo on it, and the only one that’s good for older kids (while younger kids have Superman Family Adventures). Worth picking up.

Superboy’s had some bad experiences with primates.


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