In the cartoon, Blaster was the easy-going rock n’ roller. The cool dude who just wanted to listen to some hot tracks. In the comics…not so much. Here he was the disgruntled warrior who just wanted to punch some Decepticon in the face until said face resembled said fist. Tonight we see that Blaster in action.

Hands of Stone round 11

The Battlefield: The Transformers #17 (Marvel Comics; June, 1986) “The Smelting Pool”

The Promoters: Bob Budiansky (writer), Don Perlin (penciler), Keith Williams (inker), Janice Chiang (letterer), Nel Yomtov (colorist), and Mike Carlin (editor)

Blaster is going to meet one of his allies when he comes upon a Decepticon attacking a helpless civilian.

Next time, don’t broadcast that kind of info.

At least you know for sure what happened to you.


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