English: "No Swearing" sign along At...

English: “No Swearing” sign along Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Broadcast TV, be it network, basic cable, or syndication, can’t get away with a lot of the naughtier words that paid cable can. There are reasons for them and you can like it or not. However this does require that movies be edited so that an “R” movie can play on TNT. Some of these simply work in conversation, some are rather poorly dubbed or chose, and some are freakin’ hilarious! Website IO9 recently posted a video compilation of such edits. Take a look, but the original is there, so curses abound.

Censors, if you’re going to dub over a line, at least get someone who sounds like the actor/actress and doesn’t sound bored, please. Thank you.

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