The SilverHawks in the show's title sequence.

The SilverHawks in the show’s title sequence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone’s all excited about the Thundercats, and I’ve enjoyed both version of the show. And yet my favorite of Rankin/Bass’s 80’s action toons was Silverhawks. (Not to be confused with the sports team that messed up my image search. Stupid baseball.) It was like Battle of the Planets, but with cyborgs. Yay for not screwing that up! Thankfully some comics were produced around that time, and if I can come up with the funds (I now have an employer that can afford to pay me so we’ll have to see between conventions, paying of a lingering bill, and Christmas) I plan to get the full series on DVD. (Double Yay!) But for tonight we go back to those comics, of which I sadly only own two, for the final round of….

Hands of Stone round 12

The Battlefield: Silverhawks #2 (Marvel/Star Comics; October, 1987) “Kidnapped”

The Promoters: Steve Perry (writer) Mike Witherby (penciler), Fred Fredericks (inker), Jack Morelli (letterer) and Nel Yomtov (colorist)

Stargazer has been kidnapped by the intergalactic mob, but long story short he’s escaping thanks to the other Silverhawks. However, he has to make his getaway in a cab.

There’s a reason birds are the most annoying characters in video games.

Hardware paid for snagging Stargazer, I guess.

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