Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy (Photo credit: DatarkNZ)

Nash Bozard (what a name) takes a look at “The Cartmel Masterplan“, an attempt to return the mystery to the identity of the Doctor during the last years of the original series with Sylvester McCoy. He is joined by fellow Channel Awesome contributors and Whovians Sad Panda, Diamanda Hagan, Welshy, Linkara, and Phelous.

Personally, I’m not sure I like what they came up with, if indeed the Lungbarrow novel is where they were going. Let me put that after a jump, to avoid spoilers on the front page. Also, watch Nash’s video to understand what I’m talking about.

Like I was saying, I read the novel on BBC’s Classic Who site although it appears to be gone now. The big concepts introduced were “The Other” and “the Loom”. I really don’t care for the idea that the Doctor is the reincarnation of some unmentioned third important person in Time Lord history. He doesn’t need to be some superspecial important god-like guy. In fact, one of my many problems with Davies’ stories was that the Doctor became Time Lord Jesus. (Not Jesus to the Time Lords, just Jesus from Gallifrey.) Just being that awesome should be enough. Make him too special and you don’t get the sense that he can be defeated, killing the drama.

As for the Loom, I disagree with Hagan, who has been all for it. Myself, it makes the Time Lords a bit TOO alien and cold; kind of like Byrne’s changes to the Kryptonians. It’s just a step too far. 13 lives, two hearts, and the knowledge of both space/time travel and dimensional transcendence. What more do you really need? Imaginative, perhaps, but just overdoing it. Plus I like wondering about what the Doctor was like before we met him, the events that led him to run off with his granddaughter, and what his mate and kids were like? THERE’S your mystery, Doctor Who writers. Tell us about the pre-Doctor. Is is name really more important that what made him who he was prior to his run-in with Ian and Barbara?

Nash also hosts a weekly internet show on his website, featuring various music videos, review show airings, and his most popular segment, What The {BLEEP} Is Wrong With You, where he looks through the news to find the most apeslag insane news stories. (Usually those stories involves drug-crazed naked people and stupid criminals. Lot of cursing on this one.)


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