“Hey, who stole our background?”

Young Justice #20

DC Comics (November, 2012)

“Players” Chapter 1: “Wheelbarrow, Shoe, Thimble”
WRITER: Greg Wiseman
ARTIST: Christopher Jones
COLORIST: Zac Atkinson
LETTERER: Dezi Sienty
EDITOR: Sarah Gaydos

Bouncing between the first year of the team and the fifth year (during the “Invasion” story arc), the team is investigating events in Qurac involving Queen Bee. In both times Superman is also investigating. In the present day, however, Superman, Superboy, and one of Bee’s agents are kidnapped by an alien presence.

What they got right: Hey, maybe we’ll see how Superman finally started to show Superboy some respect. We also get to see Nightwing and Wonder Girl recruit Jamie Reyes, the Blue Beetle.

What they got wrong: As I said in the previous issue’s review, this comic would have been a good chance to bridge the gap between “Year Zero” and “Year Five”, to be it’s own entity and yet still a proper–and even more important–companion to the cartoon. Also, when did Dick become such a ladies man?

Recommendation: If only the main DC titles were taking a cue from this series. Do support this, please.

Mostly for Steph/Batgirl’s reaction.

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