“I think this mirror needs a good cleaning.”

Transformers: Timelines #7

Fun Publications (2012)

INKER: Jake Isenberg
LETTERER: Jesse Wittenrich
DIAMOND EDITION COVER: Dan Khanna (artist) and Thomas Deer (colorist)
“Invasion” prologue
WRITERS: Jesse Wittenrich & Pete Sinclair
PENCILER: Will Mangin
COLORIST: Josh Burcham
WRITERS: Benson Yee & Pete Sinclair
PENCILER: Dan Khanna
COLORISTS: Josh Perez, Thomas Deer, & Jesse Wittenrich

After taking over the Autobots of the “Shattered Glass” (think “Mirror”) Universe, Ultra Magnus attempts to invade the “Classic Universe” (I’m assuming the Marvel TFU because only the character models resemble the cartoon at all). His goal is to steal the regular good Autobots’ “rarified Energon”. This not only runs him afoul of the good Autobots the good Decepticons of the Shattered Universe and the regular evil Decepticons led by Gigatron, who want the rarified Energon for themselves.

What they got right: This really is fun. The action is great, the art is exactly what I want to see in a Transformers comic and while there are too many characters to generally follow they all appear to have their own personalities.

What they got wrong: Fun Publications needs to collect and release their Collector’s Club comics apart from the newsletter. Since I’m not currently a member what I can follow of the backstory comes from when I was and what I’ve read about it on other sites. And there are some good stories here that I would really like to see for people who can’t join the club.

Recommendation: Because of the “continued in the newsletter” aspect it’s hard to recommend outside of diehards, who probably just ordered the original convention version already if they didn’t go to Botcon this year and get it there. Still, I wish THESE GUYS were writing and drawing the IDW Transformers comics. I would enjoy them a lot more.

Did I forget to mention the visual effects? Because they’re almost the best part of the artwork.


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